About Roy Lane

Roy Lane store frontRoy Lane first opened its doors in 2001 to a welcoming and coffee craving Sioux Lookout. Roy lane is a small, quaint store that is talked about across the country, as it is the only place in Sioux Lookout where you can get a latte or a cappuccino. Roy Lane has pleasantly surprised its customers and in turn, its customers have surprised Roy Lane.

There are many reasons to stop by Roy Lane! You can enjoy a healthy lunch in store or take it to go; you can get a unique gift - a gift that you are exited to give or receive; you can purchase gift certificates or coffee cards; join the running group; have a lunch catered or coffee delivered; have a quiet cup of coffee and read a magazine or join a friend to share a piece of cheese cake; run in and out for a take out coffee, juice, slushie, fresh muffin, cookie, applejack or cinnamon bun.

In 2005 Roy Lane opened a 2nd location at the airport in Sioux Lookout, called Roy Lane Airport. The airport location offers sandwiches made fresh from Harvest Grain bread, lasagna, cabbage rolls, mac and cheese and many other items you can enjoy while waiting for your flight.

In February 2008 Roy Lane partnered with K-Net Services of Sioux Lookout to offer free wireless internet at the Sioux Lookout Airport.

Roy Lane customers from communities north of Sioux Lookout have opened Roy Lane locations in their community, to offer the same service they like so much. These locations are in Sachigo Lake, Round Lake, Muskrat Dam and Bearskin Lake.

Meeting New People

That's what Roy Lane is all about! And what a meeting place it has become. So many new people have discovered our little shop and are thrilled with our products and drop by daily. By the end of their vacation they are part of our family and it’s no longer a hand shake but a hug and a promise to see us soon.

Coffee Shop Talk Book

In 2002 Nancy published the 1st Coffee Shop Talk Book and is welcoming submissions for her 2nd book.

Please email us your comments about our stores. We enjoy hearing from you.

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