Roy Lane donates their tips to charities and organizations in Sioux Lookout. Over the years some of the tips have gone to the following:

  • Friends of Cedar Bay
  • New paint on the Railway Bridge
  • Clock across from Roy Lane
  • Christmas Tree by Saan Store lights – 1st year the tree was put there.
  • Constructing the park across from Roy Lane
  • Flowers for park each year
  • Hanging Baskets – 1st year they were done.
  • Children and families with cancer in Sioux Lookout
  • Breast cancer patients
  • Santa Claus Parade
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Relay for Life

Roy Lane also regularly donates coffee to such things as:

  • The Sioux Hudson Entertainment Series
  • School fundraising dinners

Roy Lane also donates to almost every organization in Sioux Lookout, although donations are mainly geared towards children and customers. Nancy’s accountant tells her that she is too generous!

I can't imagine life without coffee