Update on Nancy and Jack

Nancy and Jack will celebrate their 35th Wedding Anniversary June 23rd, 2008. Jack retired in February 2008 from 55 years on the C.N.R. Nancy's day begins at the store around 5:30 in the morning and ends at around 5:30 in the afternoon and sometimes she goes to the other store until 6:30 or 7:30. Jack is always busy fixing something, cleaning or removing snow from the front of the store, or lending a helping hand when needed - and he is always needed.

The highlights of the Roy’s lives are their two sons, their wives and children. Jason and Cindy live in Winnipeg with their 4 year old son Cooper. Jimmy plays hockey for the Iserlohn Roosters in Germany. He and his wife Laura, also live there with their 5 year old daughter Brooklyn and their newest additions, 1 year old identical twin girls, Summer and Savannah.

Nancy has made three trips to Germany to visit Jimmy and his family while Jack has been over twice. They have gotten to tour Berlin, Frankfort, and many other places around where Jimmy plays hockey and lives.

Being Nana and Papa has to be the best thing in life, "Our hearts actually ache for them when a time goes by and we haven't seen them, and we think Nothing Else Matters but the grandchildren."

They are blessed that Granny and Gramps are still in good health. Granny always sends parcels to the grandkids and helps out in so many ways. Gramps is always smiling, happy go lucky and hangs out with Jack as much as possible.

To the Roy’s, family is everything!

I can't imagine life without coffee