Lunches / Catering


Every day Roy Lane prepares a fresh, healthy lunch. Our lunch menu changes from day to day, depending on what is fresh and available at the grocery store. During the winter or on cold damp rainy days Nancy will do soup and whole wheat bunwiches or pumpernickel sandwiches with veggies and dip, fruit and yogurt. Summer lunches are sometimes salads, or wraps or veggies and dips and 1/2 wraps but always fruit and yogurt.

Fridays are always the very popular Thai Chicken Wraps!

Also baked fresh are cookies, muffins, apple jacks and cinnamon buns.


The Roy Lane lunches became so popular that we have started catering! Many offices and schools call on Roy Lane to deliver coffee and treats for their board meetings. We can cater just coffee or coffee and snacks for a whole day or a coffee break. We can also cater a lunch break with our daily Lunch Special, fresh fruit, yogurt and our signature coffees.

Catering is a bit of a rush for Nancy and Sylvie... one they both enjoy doing. If it is a big job we have to call extra staff in. The most Roy Lane has catered for is lunches for 450 people for a week along with coffee breaks! We have also catered garden weddings. Nancy would have to say that catering is her staff's favourite job. Karla, Morgan, Sylvie and Nancy all have done a unique job when it comes to using classy dishes for that special day to remember. One wedding we catered  was so appreciated by the bride and her family they came by the store to give us roses and a tip.

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I can't imagine life without coffee