Partners / Friends


K-Net ServicesIn 2008 Roy Lane partnered with K-Net Services in Sioux Lookout to provide free wireless internet at the Sioux Lookout Airport. This had been a plan for Roy Lane since Roy Lane Airport first opened but it took some time to happen. We hope all the travellers enjoy and appreciate this new venture!

Shortly after that partnership was formed Roy Lane commissioned the K-Net Multimedia department to update the Roy Lane website, which is what you are viewing now! K-Net provided Roy Lane with an updated design and an area where Nancy and Staff can post the daily coffees and lunches. K-Net was chosen for this update because they are a local organization and Nancy was impressed with other websites K-Net has done.

K-Net provides a fantastic service to the north and our community!


Reopening of Cedar Bay Riding Center

In the summer of 2006 those people really interested in reviving the Cedar Bay Recreation Complex got their heads together. During the Trade Fair at the Blueberry Festival memberships were sold for the Friends of Cedar Bay. The organizational meeting was held in September at the Recreation Centre. It was at this meeting that a Board of Directors was appointed that included people interested in all areas of the Complex. At this meeting two main parts of the organization were started: the Equestrian and Lakeshore Groups.

The Equestrian group developed a business plan and approached the Municipality in order to reopen the Riding Center as a co-operative. The Municipality agreed to the proposal and on December 1st, 2006, horses were brought back to the Riding Center. The Friends of Cedar Bay Board had organized a Christmas event and gotten a grant to bring in a team of horses from Kenora to provide sleigh rides during the event. Upwards of 500 people took part in that event and it confirmed the notion that the community would probably support a team of horses here in Sioux Lookout.

During the winter, a search for a suitable team was made and the team of Bud and Commander were purchased from Manitoba with the help of a PACE grant. This grant provided funding for the team and most of the cost of their harnesses. The transportation of the team was covered by a donation from a local businessman. Another couple purchased and donated the sleigh. Then Councillor Joyce Timpson got pledges for the Sibley ski race and earned enough money to finance the rest of the harnesses as well as a wagon for rides. We were now in the horse business. The public was introduced to their team at another community event in March of 2007.

All the funding for the horses did not cover the cost of basic everyday necessities like feed, grooming supplies, farrier work or veternarian visits which include yearly innoculations as well as parasite control on a regular basis. The money made from sleigh or wagon rides also does not always cover the cost of those basics. It has been with the special donations from groups that have made keeping the horses well maintained a reality. The people at Roy Lane have supported our group from the beginning, not only with donations from the tips, but with help out at our barn area as well. All of us in the Equestrian Group praise the kindness of the staff at Roy Lane. We realize that they are making their support of our team a truly community inspired gift.


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